What happens if it rains?

Being the bus is open-aired, if it rains you will get wet. The bus is fully capable of withstanding any water. It is up to the riders if they wish to cancel. If cancelled due to weather only, you will be issued a full refund. 

Is there a minimum  amount of riders we can have?

Yes. Runaway Bee will not take your request unless you have a minimum of 7 people with a maximum of 13.


I see BYOB what does that mean?

BYOB means that you can “bring your own beer or alcohol” Note, Runaway Bee does not provide alcohol to any guest unless it is brought with you.


Can I take my finished drinks with me?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take anything off the bus once it enters. Ex. If you have a bottle that you took one sip out of, it has to stay on the bus.


What do you provide when we book?

Runaway Bee will provide your party with cups, ice and the tunes. Everything else like orange juice, soda, etc must be provided by you.


Can we bring food?

Yes, you are welcome to bring food on the bus however, we ask that you bring foods that are not messy.


Can we smoke on board?

No. Smoking of any kind is prohibited except the provided hookah. Doing so, will result in your tour ending immediately. 



If I book or upgrade to a party package what is included?

Runaway Bee provides the whole Chabang with our ultimate party package! We will provide the Ice, Cups, 45 minute stop of your choice and to top it off a fully decorated bus with your requested theme. You are still asked to bring your choice of beverage if you wish.


Can I upgrade my package last minute?

We ask that if you decide to upgrade your normal ride to a party package, that you give us a 3-day notice in advance. Additional payment will be taken upon new request. Keep in mind a party package is $42 per rider so if your group had paid the original $28, an additional $14 will be due upon arrival.



What if my friends don’t drink?

No worries! We know that everyone does not consume alcohol, but we still welcome you to join us to have a night full of fun, laughter, and dancing!



Do you provide the music?

Runaway Bee has Bluetooth capability to connect your own music, or if you would like to let us know your style of music, we can create a playlist for you.


I want to do a Party Package; are there additional times?

Yes, there are additional times. Our tour times are Friday and Saturday night between 5pm and 11:00pm. Being that you have a party package, you can book the ultimate party package which is available Saturday 12:00pm and 2:30 pm.